Regional Victoria Flood Claim.                    This driveway was damaged by severe wind and rain which caused a flash flood in a normally dry creek bed.

Regional Flood Claim

Flood Restoration : This restored Childcare Centre in the Ipswich suburb of Goodna, was inundated over it’s roofline during the January 2011 Floods.

Flood Restoration Goodna

Victorian Bushfire Partial Rebuild. This home in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne was partially damaged and rebuilt following the 2009 bushfires.

February 2009 Victorian Bushfire Partial Rebuild

Regional Victoria Vehicle Impact Repair. This carport at a home located on the Victoria / New South Wales border, was the subject of a vehicle impact in 2013.


Regional Victoria Tornado Damage Repair. This home located on the Victorian / New South Wales border was repaired and refurbished by Unique Building Services, following extensive damage by a tornado in 2013

Roof on